Sunday, December 04, 2016

"JeRrYFaR and the Quest for the NES Classic"

Okay, so you don't have to read this really long drawn-out story let me tell you the following:
No I did not get one. :'(
Now let me tell you about my night.
So I started out roughly around 2 a.m., and I decided since they were going to have these things in stock practically everywhere according to the internet that I would check with Walmart first. Obviously I figured it was a good idea to check the 24 hour Walmarts because they probably would have it in stock if they actually had it.
According to the internet the first Walmart I went to was supposed to be 24 hours so I went there first. There was a security guard sitting out front with somebody else and already I figured they were actually closed and I was right. I found out that the store actually opens at 6 a.m., so I went to the 24 hour Walmart that I knew was 24 hours. I'd say I got there roughly around 2:15 or 2:20 a.m. and went back to electronics and they we're of course closed, but there was somebody working there so I asked him if they had any in stock. The gentleman literally laughed at me and said " you should have been here 2 hours ago because we had 13 and we sold them out in seconds." Dejected I continued on my quest.
I literally called multiple 24-hour Walmarts and most told me that they didn't have any in stock and they weren't aware of this internet rumor but they'd gotten a lot of calls about it and didn't know what to really say.
After driving around for literally a couple of hours, my wife called me because she was concerned and wanted to know what was going on. I told her everything was OK and that I was going to probably go to Toys R Us over by where we live but decided to check the one near where I was at at the time. She was still on the phone with me when I got there. Immediately I counted 38 people in line and before I had a chance to get out of my truck about 6 more people showed up and got in line behind them. The rumor was that they were going to get 30 of them in stock, but it was hard to know exactly how many they were going to get because they refused to tell anybody. She told me if I left I was an idiot, however I did leave and ended up at another Toys R Us that had less people in line. Bonus!
I waited in line for a good almost 3 hours before the manager of the store came out and said she was going to hand out stickers for both the NES Classic and something called Hatchimals. Unfortunately they did only get 30 of them and guess what? I was number 36. Hooray! Here's the best part! I counted that line several times that was in front of me and I was number 30 every single time. As it got closer to time for release idiots got out of their vehicles and went toward the front of the line because guess what? A'holes were holding their places in line. That is complete f'ng bulls'! It should not be allowed and I'm p'd off because of it! Here's pics of both in front and behind me. 

I tried another Walmart on the way back and of course the guy looked at me like I was crazy, so I ended up waiting at Target since they were opening up at 8 a.m. anyway and it was already something like 6:30. When I got there I was actually pretty happy because guess what? You guessed it! I was the first one in line. I was very happy with this because they were opening soon and perhaps I would get one after all. That of course was considering they actually had gotten the truck that night and stocked the shelves. So employees were walking around the whole time watching me and ignoring me, and multiple others showed up behind me. One of the guys working there finally came out at 7:30 a.m. to ask us what we wanted. We told him and he said he didn't know where this internet rumor came from but no they did not get any at all. Dejected again I left and tried another Target. At about 7:55 a.m. somebody finally came out to tell us no they didn't have any either.
So now I just said f' it and now I'm here at home and I'm getting ready to go to sleep and its 9:01 a.m. right now. I have a football game to watch at 2:25 p.m. so I won't be getting a whole lot of sleep today I don't think. Hopefully some day my wonderful son will read this and understand what Mommy and Daddy go through for him all the time. I froze my butt off and probably will do it again if I have to, but I'm signing off for now because I want to go to bed.
There's already a rumor on the internet that Toys R Us ordered more for next week. Guess what? You can damn well bet I will be there a hell of a lot earlier than I was there today, possibly either the night before or even the afternoon before because my son is going to have that damn thing underneath the Christmas tree if it kills me!!!
Thanks for reading and good f'ng night. Or is it good f'ng day?

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