Sunday, December 11, 2016

"JeRrYFaR and the Quest for the NES Classic The Sequel"

Okay, so all day I've been checking brickseek for Walmart and Target stocks and all day they've shown 0. There was a light at the tunnel it seemed because around 10pm a Walmart roughly 10 miles away was still reporting 0, but said something about that store not reporting properly so I figured I'd watch it.
At around 10:45 (22:45) I checked it again and it said they had 10 and they were the ONLY store w/in 100 miles of my zipcode that showed any stock. Even though I'm sick (have been for about 3 days) I felt a) I'm feeling better-ish and b) I had to try.
I hauled butt down there and arrived at 11:34 (23:34) and feared the worst because I did stand in line in the freezing cold last week for 4hrs to no avail, so I wasn't feeling confident. Figured rather than just leave I'd head inside.
I walked as fast as I could into the store, through the clothes isles as a shortcut and straight to Electronics. There were 2 people waiting so I actually had hope. When I got in line behind them I noticed about 4 to 6 customers were already walking around in there even though they had shopping carts blocking the isle to get in. Oh no! It's slipping away fast. Now I'm trying to remain calm and asked the couple what they were waiting for even though I knew the answer. They didn't answer so I just waited. Finally an employee walks over and says "Next!" and they told him they wanted some tablet they were looking at and he picked it up and started ringing it up. Just then these 3 kind of big guys come over and cut in front of me. Crap. Really?! So the guy says "Who's next?!" and one of the big guys speaks up, but that couple (remember them?) turned around while walking away and pointed at ME and said I was next in line. Thanks unknown couple!
The guy asks what I want and I ask him if he remembers me from last week (I missed getting one last week by 2hrs) and he says "I do remember and we don't have any." I told him I was looking at a website and it said they had 10. "I don't know what to tell you. We got 12 yesterday and sold them already." Seriously?! I guess I'm not getting one. I ask him to check the back and he argues a bit and finally goes in the back. So I wait about 5mins and he comes out empty handed but rather than come to me he goes to another guy and they start talking and digging through boxes. He then goes in the back again and the other guy goes "We have 2, but can't find them so hang tight."
Now someone behind me (where'd he come from) says he also saw the stock on the site and he needs one too. Whatever dude. I'm in front of you. So the guy in the back comes out carrying a box and they both dig through it pulling out other stuff when I see the original guy pull one out. Are my eyes deceiving me?! He looks at me and waves me through the carts so as I'm walking over he's talking to a CSM (Customer Service Manager) and she says "It doesn't matter what it says. He's here and we have to sell it to him." So I buy it and get a 2yr service plan and while the other guy is paying for his I ask what's going on. Apparently if someone purchases site to store it has to be sold that way, but because of how hot of an item this is they sold two immediately and I find out there's one left. Good. Use THAT for site to store.
It was a rough night since I'm sick, but all in all not too bad. Now my 7yo will have a Nintendo NES Classic under the tree!!!
I got one!!!

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Cade Howard said...

Do you have any decent spots that you are willing to share as far as herping in east Phoenix? All my spots have gotten over populated over the years and receive too much traffic to provide like it used to. I am 16 and love going out but haven't been seeing much because of my poor spots. Thank You!

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