Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Horrible Day

Effective immediately I will no longer be reading my wife's blog. All it seems to be anymore is her bitching about me anyway. If she truly feels the way her persona is online, then we really need to look at our relationship more. Something is not right anymore and it's difficult because right now I'm pissed off. I'm at work and I'm so upset, but have to "smile and be happy" the whole fucking day to avoid getting in trouble. As it stands right now I'll blow up in somebody's face and that wouldn't be good for anyone. If you want to read it just go to and read it yourself. I'm not saying I'm not at fault, because I mostly am, but to answer her question: YES MY BLOOD SUGAR WAS FUCKING LOW. Not that it matters. I was woken suddenly and took it out on her which isn't right. She had been puking all night and instead of comforting her I got pissed off. What the hell is wrong w/ me?! What??? 😨😠😣😢

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