Thursday, October 02, 2014

What Did I Do?!!!

 I'm tired of her telling me how lazy I am. Yes I am well aware that I'm worthless. She doesn't have to keep pressing the issue.

But when she starts comparing me to an asshole like her last boyfriend (before me) Storm, that's when I draw the line. That bastard treated her like crap. He beat her up, he raped her constantly. He forced her to do anal dry and that wasn't even the half of it. His mentally abusing shit was over the top and I swear I would like to meet this person. VERY bad.

So my wife is literally scarred from years of abuse and even though we've been married for OVER 16yrs I'm still constantly compared to this s.o.b. He cheated on her as well and of course she believes I'm doing that now because I'm not home as often as I used to be.

WHAT have I done to make her think I'm going to start abusing her? How many times have I forced her to have sex with me when I wanted it? HOW many times have I verbally abused her? Sure I'm an asshole when my blood sugar is low (or high) or in between, but I guess that's just my demeanor anymore.

I'm just so fed up w/ the whole thing. I love her and I wish she'd understand she's in my dreams and she's who I always think about but she doesn't. Her and my son.


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