Friday, December 18, 2009

STFU When in Movie Theaters

I posted this on a forum and decided it was good enough to post on my blog:


I've had so many bad experiences that I don't even know where to start.

1. Loud talking behind me, next to me, or in front of me (or sometimes all of the above).

I've asked people to STFU politely of course, but most of the time they either get worse at that point or you hear "I'm gonna get you after the movie holmes. You best watch yourself essay." so to avoid being shot, my wife and I usually go out and say we want our money back. We always get the usual "We'll go in and watch". Well at this point you've already missed at least five minutes of the movie and it's not worth it. Plus it does absolutely NO good whatsoever in most instancesI always force them to give me replacement tickets so I can *sigh* try again. Incidentally, I've had experiences where I've had to do that a few times before and just gave up and watched it when it was released on DVD.

2. Laser pens.

Usually a theater will kick you out with no questions asked, but I've had many instances where I was annoyed to death by some idiot a few rows behind me that thought it was hilarious to put a red dot on something on the screen. Usually during the best parts of the movie.

3. Cell phones.

I understand people 'need' to be connected no matter what. I too am on-call occasionally, but a) I have the friggin' thing on vibrate *and* in my pocket and b) if I do get an email or text I lean down and push the button UNDER my seat so as not to disrupt anyone else from their experience. I don't just blatantly look at the damn thing for several minutes at time, pissing everyone off in the theater. Though it makes me wonder sometimes, because I'm usually the one that gets pissed off more than not.

4. Babies.

We just had our first and he is almost a month old. I'm planning on taking my wife to see Avatar this weekend BUT I will NOT do so if we can't get grandma or a friend to babysit. There is no way in HELL I'm going to take my son into a theater while he's so young, as I believe in courtesy to others. One of my worst movie experiences was when we saw 'The Blair Witch Project' and there was a kid constantly running up and down the isles and making noises. My kid will NEVER do that in a public place unless it's acceptable like a kid's fun place or something. The parents (not the kids) should be smacked for allowing that kind of behavior in a public place.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of.

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