Friday, October 23, 2009

Give The Baby a Middle Name and WIN a PRIZE!!!!!

Now who could pass that up? What's the prize you may ask? Is it a ?! Is it a ?! Or maybe it's a ?!!!!!!!!

NO!!!! It's better than that. I will tell you at the end because it's so exciting and I won't be able to contain myself any longer after that.

So Rilee <> Mills needs a middle name. The following are all choices my wife and I have been mulling around:

Rilee Austin (Powers?) Yeah Baby! Yeah!
Rilee Adam
Rilee Axl - Sweet! Errrr, Sweet Child! :-)
Rilee Jacob - Too Twilighty?!
Rilee Samuel - Snakes on a Plane?
Rilee Theodore
Rilee James (Don't read too much into it Jimmy) :-)
Rilee Sanor (For the grandparents)
Rilee Michael - Not Bad

So there are several other choices out there. We have already shot down a few, however we're open to many more suggestions. Yes we can pick one of the ones above and it would be great ('specially Axl.. hehe), however wouldn't YOU like to be the one to give OUR SON a NEW middle name?! Wouldn't that give you a warm fuzzy knowing that it was all YOU YOU YOU?!!!!! I knew you couldn't contain yourself.

Ok, now the best part: THE PRIZE!!!!!!

What is it?! What could it be?!

The truth is that there is no prize... HOWEVER since you're ALREADY here AND you've read THIS far, don't you think it's about time you provide some recommendations for our son? Thank you very much for your time and please either choose from above or give us other possibilities out of the goodness of your heart.

Thanks for reading.


Oh.. One last thing:

He's due by November 19th, 2009, so you better hurry.. :D


Ashley said...

Rilee Douglas Mills
Rilee Chase Mills
Rilee Dalton Mills
Rilee Jackson (Jaxon?) Mills
Rilee Cameron Mills
Riley Stephen Mills

Brain foggy after a couple glasses of wine... I'll try to come up with more later...

Christina said...

I like Rilee James or Rilee Jacob.

David said...

So you went with Austin... well at least you will have some more R.A.M. around soon... heh

Nice name though :)

Tatjana said...

Rilee Alexander Mills

hehehehehe Hey, Alex has 17th b-day on 18th November, and if Rilee hurries up, I think it is the most fair, don't you think? :P

Kiss to all 3 of you

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