Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Summer Heat Has Arrived

My wife, the animals, and I have all experienced it firsthand. Last night I came home from work and found the house at a cool 90 degrees farenheit. I had no choice, but to get an emergency visit from an A/C guy last night. Almost $900 later, the fan motor had been replaced and the house was starting to cool off. :(

Sadly, that was our baby fund and while I'm thankful we even had it, it's still one of those things that shouldn't have happened. Last year I had the unit serviced in April and the guy said "It's in great condition! You shouldn't have to worry for years!". I wish I would have used my gut instinct and had the A/C checked this year. You see, right now Phoenix is in the middle of an "EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING". What does that mean? It means we're hitting temperatures in the MINIMUM of 112 degrees daily, and with a pregnant wife, 3 cats, several reptiles, and a tarantula, that's not a good thing.

I am lucky I didn't come home to all of our cats dead. It was 94 degrees by the time Roxanne got home last night. Either way, it sucked.

Thought some of you should know.


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