Sunday, June 07, 2009


I'm sure the first thing on anyone's mind from looking above would have to be "What's With the Babies?!". Well I'm getting ready is all. I am overjoyed to announce something I thought I would *NEVER* be able to tell anyone. And yes you guessed it: Roxanne and I are having a baby. :-)

Ok, technically SHE'LL be having the baby, but I helped make it happen, so I guess that means WE'LL be having the baby, so there! Anyway.. I had to keep this a secret for TWO MONTHS which for me is IMPOSSIBLE. We let everyone know at a dinner on May 23rd, 2009. I thank everyone that was able to attend. Those that did not, well you know who you are. This is the picture we handed out to everyone on that day:

That picture there was when she was 11wks along and the baby was 11" we're told. Now she's almost in her 16th or 17th week and things are certainly changing.

Speaking of changing, I'll bet our lives are certainly gonna change. It will all be for the better of course, but it will be changing. We're hoping for a girl, but a boy would be fine too. Then again, coming from me, it will be a baby all right, but will probably look like so:


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Now that is HAPPY NEWS!!!!

Kiss to both!

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