Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clearing Up Confusion

I apparently needed to offer some clarification as I have received feedback on my prior post about our child.

1. I AM OVERJOYED!!!!!!!
2. NO I do NOT think of our new child as a snake.

Anybody that knows me called me "Herper Dave" or "Herper" or "That Snake Guy" or whatever. I was simply making a joke that any child Roxanne and I have will be some sort of reptile because I'm so into them. Having said that, boy or girl, they WILL learn what reptiles are and will some day join daddy (I love that!) on excersions in the desert or whatnot looking for the "notorious" Arizona MilkSnake or Green Ratsnake or whatever.

Again, for anybody that took offense, please accept my deepest apologies.


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