Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Transmission Issues - Part 2

Ok, so it is going to cost me over $2000.00 unfortunately to fix the transmission in my truck. The gentleman gave me a breakdown which is greek to me:

1. Apparently my pump is failing, so that will need a replacement.
2. My Torque Converter might be bad, so they need to resolve that issue.
3. My Shift Selenoid Block is the biggest problem. Apparently that's the reason for the "check engine" light.

He also mentioned something about metal shavings spraying into the transmission which apparently isn't good. I've asked for a loan from the company I work for, however that probably won't happen, so I might need to get an advance on my paycheck.

I'll get through this, it just might take some time. We'll be doing taxes tomorrow, so hopefully that will help out as my wife needs to get her motor mounts replaced on her engine.

Good times and fun's a plenty.. :(


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