Monday, March 16, 2009

Transmission Issues - BIG $$$ I don't have.. :-(

So it was bound to happen eventually. On Saturday, the truck decided to flash me the notorious "check engine" light we all know and love. I took it into AutoZone to run a quick diagnostic check and found there was an issue with the transmission. Hoping that is not the case, I went ahead and took it to another AutoZone (it was 8pm and most places were closed) and receive the same results:

P0700 and P1776

Both tell me the Transmission component may be slipping..

So now I basically have two choices:

1. I can take it to a transmission shop
2. I can *hope* it will just work

I chose option number one. Found out it will cost a minimum of $1350.00, which I don't even have. Many things will be replaced in this price, so hopefully that fixes it. The only redemption I have, is that the shop I took it to is willing to take payments, so I at least have that.

So now I'm waiting to see how much my truck is actually going to cost in repairs. I'm praying it's not that bad. Thanks for reading..


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