Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phoenix Metro Lightrail - Epic F A I L

I took this from a posting on http://www.azcentral.com, however I've personally read every one of these incidents (including the two prior to when it went "LIVE"):

- 2/10/09 - crash with Orbit bus

- 2/6/09 - crash with lady eating and driving. "Phoenix police said a woman driving a red Chevy Impala westbound on Washington Street appeared to be eating when when she made a right-hand turn at Third Street - against a red signal - and collided with the train."

- 1/5/09 - crash with furniture truck. "A Metro light rail train broadsided a white pickup truck filled with furniture Monday afternoon in Tempe's first train accident since the system began operating a week and a half ago."

- 12/30/09 - crash with car. "A light rail train full of passengers collided with a car in downtown Phoenix Tuesday afternoon, marking another first for the new transit system."

then there was one during testing with the old lady. and i think one other one that i can't quite remember.

So that makes SIX crashes in a few short weeks. Like I said:

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