Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day 2009

So another Valentine's Day has come and gone. My wife had something planned for me as usual. She took many pictures and her friend Devor had them printed out and put in a nice frame. In fact, she had two sets done in nice frames. Roxanne also got a new tattoo. It's a gecko with the name "David" printed on it. I really like it, but I told her I'd rather she not get any more.

I got her a plush heart that says "Love Ya" on it, plus a plush dog or something inside a balloon with a chocolate bar, plus a very large stuffed teddy bear, plus a dozen roses. I would have liked to do more, but I just had gotten my new credit/debit card on Friday, and was forced to shop at Walmart around 3:00 AM after the movie I saw (see below), so there wasn't much of a choice unfortunately.

So we both went to Red Lobster last night for dinner. I knew right away that would be $100.00 gone, but it was Valentine's Day and worth it. Plus one of the waitresses tripped near us and we got to see this guy get covered in freezing cold ice-water, so that was priceless. hehe

I would put more in, but I promised my buddy I'd help him install Vista 64 Bit, so I gotta go!


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David said...

So you forgot the significance of Post Valentine's Day Jerry? Well I hope you remember sometime...

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