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Friday the 13th (the movie), February 13th, 2009

So I'm a pretty big Jason fan. I'm not as big of a fan as my buddy, but I do like Jason Voorhees none-the-less. It was no surprise that I wanted to see the movie when I heard they were remaking it. Plus Jared Padalecki is in it, and I enjoy watching him as the brother "Sam" on the TV show Supernatural. The trailers made the movie look like it was worth watching, however I should have known that since it was made by the same person that made the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that it was going to be similar, however we'll get to that in a little while.

Ok, so my brother-in-law Keifer and I went to see the movie after I got off work last night. We went to a very nice theater called the Harkins Cine Capri mostly because I knew with it being opening weekend (or in this case night) and being right next to Arizona State University that there would be idiots in the theater. I could not have been more right sadly, but we'll get to that in a little while as well. So here we are in the theater after getting food and drinks and getting ready to watch the movie. It was EXTREMELY loud in the theater as it was a sold out auditorium and this thing holds 600 people or so!!! Anyway, so because of this, we are forced to sit in the second row in order to get a seat before it was too crammed to even sit down. This made it very difficult to watch the screen, because you were looking up the whole time. Not to mention right to left and left to right in order to see what was going on, so that alone made me almost call it quits. I actually pushed on and decided to give it a chance.

The morons in the theater would NOT shut up!!! There were scenes in the movie that were supposed to be jump scenes or adrenaline pumping, and all I hear is "YEAH!!! THAT'S MY BOY!!! GO JASON!!! THAT'S MY NI**A!!!!" That and listening to all the dumbsh*ts that were talking the WHOLE time was the last straw, so we left. After getting passes to another Harkins, Keifer tells me that we tried and he didn't wanna try again. I told him I wanted to, so I left and was basically on a quest at this point. I was GOING to see that movie sometime during Friday the 13th. As it turns out, I didn't end up seeing it on the 13th, but instead on the 14th. *sigh*

So my phone dies and I have to rush to work to charge it, because I forgot to put a charger in the truck. So here I am charging it, and I'm trying to talk my buddy Roth into going to the movie, but he's like, "I'm not interested in that stuff" but he quickly changed his mind, when I said I would pay his way to get in. Heh

He even brought his wife (and also a friend of mine) Devor, so that was cool. Roxanne couldn't come unfortunately, as she had to work the next day. *Sad*

Anyway, it didn't turn out anything like I'd expected, which of course was a bit disappointment to me, 'specially since I essentially saw the movie twice in one night. Well at least 20mins of it was seen twice. So here's a synopsis or therefore a review of the movie:

The movie begins with a girl in a t-shirt running away from someone in the rain at night in the woods. It turns out the person she was running from is Jason's mother Mrs. Voorhees. The original movie explained that she killed all of the counselors because they were having sex and drinking and basically ignored this deformed kid drowning in the lake. Today's story doesn't explain that (unless you watch the trailer) so you pretty much have to put it together. Without giving the movie away, kids get killed and about 20mins into the film you see the title "Friday the 13th".

I was disappointed with this Jason because the original Jason had charisma and hid in the shadows for the most-part until he was ready to pounce on some unsuspecting naked girl or boy, but this one was basically out there in plain site, so you'd have to be a moron not to notice this 9ft hulking figure running around the woods. Plus the original Jason was bald like below:

The new Jason has long hair basically and it just doesn't look right to me:

In the original Friday movies, Jason takes the hockey mask from a kid who likes to pretend he's a horror actor and scare others, but this Jason just randomly finds the hockey mask on the ground in a room under some debris. What is that? Plus the originals had Jason basically going after camp counselors (not always though). This first installment has him going after anybody randomly that gets in his way. So I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it, and that's the sad part.

I'm sure I will watch it again and maybe without the distractions I'll enjoy it, but so far the Jason Voorhees of 2009 just doesn't do it for me. Oh before I forget:

The most disappointing thing was that the originals had the "Chi chi chi" "ha ha ha" every time Jason went to make a kill. This movie had that maybe three times in the entire film. The soundtrack was phenomenal though. I don't mean music-wise, but the sounds of Jason jumping and general noises overall in the movie were excellent I thought.

If you're into the horror genre like I am I recommend watching it, but if you're a big Jason Voorhees fan you may not like it as much as you think.


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