Thursday, January 08, 2009

I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Well actually my buddy Roger wants it, but after reading the specs and what it can do, *I WANT IT*

My wife is looking at this and going "HELL NO", but I'm not gonna immediately try to sell my camera or my kidney or anything, however if I could I would. BESIDES honey, it ain't even out yet, so there!


Roger told me it does HD video as well, and from the specs I just read, *and* the reviews, it's true.

Retail will be around $2600 for the body (no lens) or roughly $3500 for the body and lens. As I would buy it from Best Buy most-likely, I'd prolly spend almost $4000 or $4500 with accessories, so ummmmmm I'll either wait, or win the lottery before I buy this thing. So I *want* it, I just can't have it.


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