Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm so pissed off right now. So we go to pay our bills and I'm expecting to see the usual $145.60 phone bill we pay every month. THIS TIME it's OVER $650.00. Apparently BOTH of us went over our minutes. I went over more, but my FUCKING MOTHER DIED!!!!!! I was on the phone a lot! That doesn't matter to anyone though. "You need to pay us or we'll shut you off". "SHUT ME OFF THEN!!!!" This is bullshit.

Sorry for my rant, but AT&T can go fuck themselves. I'm on the phone with a lady right now. "It's not up to us to watch your minutes sir. You went over and are responsible for paying your bill. Let me get you on another plan that is more expensive with more minutes, but we'll knock off $200.00 as a *one time only thing* that should help with your bill".

So now instead of the $145.00 we usually pay, the bill will be almost $200 a month. That's IF we don't go over our minutes again. You know who's looking good right about now?!

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Kevin said...

Surely there is an option for an unlimited plan? I remember having unlimited minutes/texting for around $70/month with no roaming from Verizon before I left the states. And if you think mobile phone charges are crazy there, you should see the costs here.

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