Saturday, December 20, 2008

R.I.P. Mom

Today was a very hard day for all involved. My mother's ashes were buried. There was a lot of family there and many emotions. I hope this will once and for all offer closure to our entire family. A special thank you goes out to my Aunt Kimmy for putting everything together. It was a beautiful service.

Funeral Attendance: 14 Members (Not including the minister and employees). NOTE: Names have been changed:

Kimmy (My Aunt)
Bob (My Uncle)
Haley (My Cousin)
Vilhelm (My Cousin)
Naga (My Grandmother and her mother)
Roxanne (My Wife)
Kit (My Brother In Law)
Darvin (My Brother)
Kishie (My Sister-In-Law)
Ardonga (My Sister)
Crystal (My Sister)
Brillow (My Sister)
Macy (Kimmy's Friend and a friend of the family)
Christian (My Cousin who's more of a sister to me)

Now to explain the whole situation:

My mother was buried today in Dewey, AZ and the funeral was to start promptly at 2:00 PM, however Aunt Kimmy was late due to severe traffic. The cemetery manager then wanted to charge an astronomical $115.00 because she was going to be twenty minutes late. I never did find out if that went through, but I hope not, because Kimmy was not at fault and therefore should not have to pay. Either way, on with the story....

So the pastor gets there and says a few words from the bible and some beautiful things were said. I don't recall what was said, but they were beautiful. Then Macy provides a writing that was really nice. Then Haley has something that she has written to mom and it was privately laid underneath the granite container my mom's ashes were now in, so I have no idea what she wrote, but I'm sure it was from the heart and also wonderful. I hope my mother gets to read it soon. :-)

Now Dewey is actually an hour and a half drive from Phoenix, so we needed our rest the night before to drive up. Unfortunately that was not in the cards as I was trying to drown any sorrows in alcohol, and Roxy, Darvin, and Kishie joined me, so we made it a Monopoly night. Yeah, we didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning, so I was really tired when I drove up this morning.

Either way, we went to Golden Corral afterward for dinner, and some of my friends showed up as well, so that was a nice surprise:

Randall (My Good Friend)
Rent (My Other Good Friend)
Josh (Another Good Friend)
Dana (Randall and Rent's Mother)

I had a very nice visit with them and the family did as well. Other stuff happened, but that's pretty much the jist. I'm very tired at this point and so is Roxy (it's now midnight), so I'll be calling this one a night.


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