Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chinese Democracy LEAKED

Well that didn't take long. It's been what, maybe 5 days since the original announcement CD was going to be released?! Now we have final versions of the songs from the album leaked today? I can't believe some people. They wait years and years and years for this album to be released, only to almost ruin it by listening to leaks and demos (me included). Now the album is going to finally come out and three weeks before the release date we have full leaks of songs from the album?!

 It gets better than that. Are they good leaks? No, they're copies from the album. The album is copyright protected and the dumbass that copied it didn't realize that, so the songs all have watermarks in them, which just happen to amount to digital skipping. So now everyone's talking about this song and that song, but complaining about how it doesn't sound as good because of skipping?!


Having said that, I will not listen to the leaks (or good quality full versions of the album) and will be waiting. Does that mean I won't get these leaks or quality versions of the album before it's released? No. I will still get them and just sit on them. When the album is released and I can hear it for the first time flawlessly and LOSSLESS, then and only *then* will I actually listen to the shitty quality versions of the songs. Because at that point, I will have a good laugh. The same way I'm having a good laugh at all of the jackasses that are bitching and moaning about how the songs are skipping and unlistenable.

Do yourselves a favor and buy the damn thing when it comes out!

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