Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And now for....

This is one of the most rediculous stories I've *EVER* written, but it needs to be told the way it happened so here goes....

So my wife (Roxanne) was waiting for a package from her mother for almost two weeks. The package arrived yesterday, but the idiots at UPS didn't wait for the package to be 'signed for' like they were asked several times. Instead, they just dropped the damn thing off on my front porch. I found out about 1:45 PM that the package had been delivered to my house about a half hour prior. I was able to leave work around 3:30 PM and went home to a) make sure it was still there and b) put it inside the house as it was over 100 degrees and anything perishable would have done just that.. perish.

I had to get back to work, so I left, but I heard all about it when I left that night. I'm sure they'll correct me if I'm wrong, but the conversation went something like this:

<Roxanne> "I'm opening the package now.. Ok.. I have six wife-beaters (tank-tops)."

<Mom> "You're opening it upside down. I packed the wife-beaters first."

<Rox> "Ok, I am checking now.. nope, the box is right-side up."

<Mom> "Whatever... please continue."

<Rox> "Ok.. ummmm, lesse.. a broken horse."

<Mom> "What?! That horse was NOT broken when I packed it.. Nevermind.. What else is there?"

<Rox> "Markers?!!!"

<Mom> "I didn't pack any markers?!!!"

<Rox> "Broken crayons?"

<Mom> "I didn't pack those?!"

<Rox> "Some crusty paint stuff in a zip-locked bag?!"

<Mom> "I did NOT pack these things!!" Where are the pictures? And the other horse? And the canned cat food?!"

<Rox> "That's it.. there's nothing else."

This was yesterday. Nobody knows where any of the other stuff is. UPS has been no help at all and we have even gotten the local authorities involved. It appears someone opened the box during transit. While opened, they took family portraits, a porcelain horse, and canned cat-food. After taking what they needed, they then replaced these items with a bunch of crap?! It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that when I order something either online or through a catalog *or* family sends it that I need to deal with this kind of crap?!

Wait.. that's exactly what it is.. crap.


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