Friday, July 18, 2008

So I "Stubbed" My Toe

Or at least I *thought* I did. I was walking through the house the
other day barefoot and hit my toe really hard on the corner wall as I
was walking into the hallway. It hurt pretty bad, but I'm used to
hitting my foot on something, so I wasn't that worried. So hours later
it still hurt a little, so I sent my wife a picture:

She said it didn't look that bad. I didn't think it looked too bad
either, so I went through the rest of my day. When I got home from work
I was limping worse, so I took my shoe off:

Ok, NOW it looks that bad. I was concerned, so I went to a foot doctor
yesterday. It's actually broken if you can believe that. So I'm wearing
my wife's boot thing she wears sometimes until my toe heals.

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