Friday, June 27, 2008

Phones Are Hell!

Ok, so on Monday (June 23rd, 2008) I talked to my wife on the phone, sent a few text messages and then plugged my Motorola Razr into the USB port on my pc at work (which I do everyday). The phone did nothing. No battery indicator or anything, so I turned it off and back on. It powered up to the "HelloMoto" screen or the Motorola boot screen and then wouldn't go any further. I then shut it off and back on and received the same thing. The odd part, was that I couldn't power the phone back off. Fearing the worst, I took the battery out (which powered it off obviously) and put it back in. That did not resolve the issue. The exact screen populated and went no further. I then took out the sim card and the battery and put just the battery back in and nothing. My phone was completely dead. For me that is difficult, as I have had a cell phone for years and it's like a part of me. Anyhow, there's more to the story, so here goes:

That night I took it to an ATT store and waited for over an hour as they had issues with their computers and couldn't help the customers in front of me. Once I did get to the counter, the gentleman took my phone and put a new battery in it and received the same. He also plugged it into a wall outlet and received the same thing. He then told me the phone was dead and there was nothing that could be done other than a replacement via insurance ($50) or an upgrade as it was time to renew my contract anyway. I opted for a possible upgrade but when he tried to pull information up, his computer was still messed up. He asked me to come back on Tuesday night (the next day) and we could continue from there.

When I went in on Tuesday, I was told I would have to pay an $18 upgrade fee per phone as well as any charges applied to renewing my contract. That made no sense, as the customer from the night before was offered almost $90 in credits for the 'long wait' which incidentally was about as long as I waited. That pissed me off, but I dealt with it and left. I then called ATT directly and explained the dilemna. The person I spoke to (Kristina) was very laid back and cool. She helped us decide on possibles and chatted with us quite a bit. Of course, we were told then to upgrade the phones ourselves as we have a discount she couldn't offer, but we would need a credit card. We didn't have the funds to do it at the time, so I opted to end the phonecall and look at other options, which weren't so great.

I talked with someone the next night (Lequisha) who was very friendly until I told her I wasn't going to use a credit card. Then the conversation wasn't so friendly and I wasn't so happy. I hung up and basically was pissed again because last time we upgraded phones they just added it onto our bill a month later. NOTE: Apparently ATT doesn't allow that anymore and you must use a credit card, so if you plan on upgrading your phones or whatever, make sure you have that information.

So here we are. I've been on the phone with ATT for almost a half hour now trying to get the upgrade of our phones completed. The gentleman I'm speaking to now (Julian) is pretty condescending, *but* he is helpful as well. He saw everything I've dealt with, so instead of $80 per phone and $18 per phone upgrade fee, he's waiving the $80 per phone and only charging us the $18 upgrade fees per phone! Now that's customer service. Unfortunately, I've only received one confirmation number so far on one phone, so I'm still waiting. It's now 3:58 AM and I have to be at work at 10:00 AM. See the dilemna? If not, let me explain it: NO FRIGGIN' SLEEP!!!!! Either way, it will be nice to have another phone.

Ok, so he just came back on the phone and has everything set. NO charge for the phones, and we'll be charged the $18 fee per phone on next month's invoice. Very cool...

Now I'm going to *yawn* sleep. 'nite..


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