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My Chat Today With My Cell Provider

This is a chat I had today with my cellphone carrier regarding incompatible games on my new cellphone. Out of three (3) game demos on my phone, NONE of them will install as a full game when purchased because my phone is not supported. Ummmmmmm, these demos came WITH the phone?! Anyhow, read below and you will see one of the most ridiculous conversations I've ever been involved in with a support representative.

Please wait for a chat representative to respond.

All chat representatives are currently assisting other customers. Thank you for your patience. A chat representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'CellPhone Rep'

CellPhone Rep: Welcome to the CellPhone Company Live Support Chat. My name is *omitted* , I will be happy to assist you.

JeRrYFaR: Hello. I have a really odd issue involving java games on my new phone. I have (3) game demos that I was actually interested in purchasing, however every game on here says "we're sorry, this game is not supported on your phone" if I click buy. That doesn't make any sense as they're demos that came on my phone. Do I need to update java or something?

CellPhone Rep: I apologize for the inconvenience, one moment please.

JeRrYFaR: Please take your time.

CellPhone Rep: I will be right with you.

CellPhone Rep: You can go on to our web site select the model device and an list the games that are available for the type of phone will be on the web site.

CellPhone Rep: I apologize for the inconvenience.

JeRrYFaR: The games ARE listed on the website under my phone. Should I purchase directly from the website as opposed to using the phone?

JeRrYFaR: Actually, maybe they're not. Can you look at my account?

CellPhone Rep: You can purchase either way you would just need to purchase from the ones listed.

JeRrYFaR: I have a V3XX, however there is a V3XX IZAR listed. I have a RAZR. Typo?

CellPhone Rep: Thank you one moment please.
CellPhone Rep: You must be able to

CellPhone Rep: The device must be able to receive Text Messages (SMS). SMS is necessary as this is the method used to deliver the download link when ordering from the CellPhone Company wireless services website. The device must be able to access MediaNet. It is necessary because ring tones and graphics are downloaded via a link or WAP message sent to the device. Ringtones and graphics range in size from 1Kb to 50Kb. Memory must be available on device. Exceeding device memory can cause errors when downloading. If errors occur free up memory by deleting applications from the the device.

CellPhone Rep: Purchase a ring tone or graphic. CellPhone Company offers two methods by which ring tones may be purchased for download to the device. Via the CellPhone Company wireless services website. Via the MEdia Net on the device. NOTE: If downloading via MEdia Net on the device, proceed to step 5. Once a game has been purchased, a message displaying "1 New Browser Message (Urgent)" will display. Press the right soft key to select Read. Download information will display, select Go To. Select Accept. Select the application to download. Game title information will display, press Download. Note: The device will connect to MEdia Net. Select storage location. The application will download, and then install. Note: This may take several minutes based on application size. Once the download is complete, press the end key to return to the main screen.

JeRrYFaR: I have all of that. I send SMS (and MMS) quite often. Can you confirm if the V3XX is the same as the V3XX IZAR? That's my main question at this point. The picture looks identical to my phone, but I wanted to confirm.

CellPhone Rep: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment. (geez)
CellPhone Rep: IS your phone a CellPhone Company phone? Duh.. WTH do you think?!!!!! No, I just randomly contact support for companies I have *nothing* to do with. Uhhhhhh.. here's your sign!

CellPhone Rep: This is a secure channel. Please send me the wireless phone number with the area code first, your first/last name, the name on the account and the last four digits of the social security number.

JeRrYFaR: Yes. (555) 555-5555 / Jerry Far / Roxanne Bloodstone / 5555

CellPhone Rep: Thank you please allow me 3-5 minutes to access the account.

CellPhone Rep: Thank you for waiting I have accessed the account please allow me 3-5 minutes to review the account.

JeRrYFaR: Again, please take your time. :)

CellPhone Rep: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
CellPhone Rep: That is the same phone. The V3XX and V3XX IZAR.

JeRrYFaR: Interesting. I wonder why it won't allow it then through the phone. Give me one second and I'll attempt to purchase one through the website.

CellPhone Rep: Ok take your time.

JeRrYFaR: I just went through the entire process directly on the website. I received the text message and went to the site to download. "This product is not compatible with your phone and your bill will not be charged. Please choose another product, thanks for shopping CellPhone Company!"

JeRrYFaR: Talk about frustrating. :)

CellPhone Rep: I apologize for the inconvenience, Try to select another game and see if you get the same message.

JeRrYFaR: I can dload some games. I already know that. The ones that were provided WITH the phone as demos are not compatible with my phone as a full game. Does that make ANY sense to you? Honestly? Ok, I'll attempt another one now.

JeRrYFaR: So far I've tried "Tower Bloxx" and "Scrabble Blast". Both are demos on my phone and work fine. Neither are supported on my phone for the full game.

CellPhone Rep: I will be right with you.
CellPhone Rep: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. (Another delay?!)
CellPhone Rep: Were you able to down load another game?

JeRrYFaR: I have only tried the two so far. Last night I dloaded a game, but it turned out to be the wrong one and I had the charges reversed and deleted it. I know I can dload games, just not the ones I want. Going to the website and picking my version of phone to dload a game and have it not supported is very disheartening. I'd go as far to say unacceptable if it were anything else that had those tendencies, but for a game, I'm not going to worry too much about it. Thought you could help me, but it appears I'll never know if something works or not until I try it by purchasing it, which is concerning.

CellPhone Rep: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment. (Again?!)

CellPhone Rep: I apologize for the inconvenience If the game is not compatible for the phone I have no way of making the game work.

JeRrYFaR: I understand. Please tell your 'powers that be' not to put a demo of a game on a phone that is not compatible in the future.

JeRrYFaR: I need help with something else too: Roxanne purchased a game last night and didn't realize it was $2.99 a month. She deleted it as she wasn't looking at paying a monthly fee. Can you reverse that?

CellPhone Rep: I will be right with you. (Holy crap!)

CellPhone Rep: You would need to contact customer service at 555 from a CellPhone Company phone at no charge, Or 1-800-555-5555 from an land line.

JeRrYFaR: Ok. I will do that.

CellPhone Rep: They can remove the charge.
CellPhone Rep: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

JeRrYFaR: No. You have been most-helpful. Thank you. (yeah right)

CellPhone Rep: Thank you for visiting the CellPhone Company Live Support Chat. It has been my pleasure to assist you today, please click the close button to end your session.

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