Monday, May 12, 2008

New job position

So I just started a new position at my company. I've been in it for two weeks now and feel like I haven't found my niche like I did in my last position. I don't feel lost per se', but I do feel like I could learn a lot more than I currently know before I should be cut loose as a full fledged engineer. My hours will be changing as well which I'm not looking forward to, but they would have changed in my last position as well, so what can you do?

My wife works certain hours and I used to work the same hours. Now I have to work completely different hours. It's not only unfair to me, but it's unfair to my wife and our daily life. You see, we've been married for 10yrs now and we want.. no we NEED to spend as much time together as we can. With me working 3hrs after she gets off work before I come home, it not only puts a strain on our daily life, but eventually it could put a strain on our marriage as we won't see each other as much.

I will be talking with my boss later today to see if something can be done to allow me to work closer hours to my wife's, however I'm not holding my breath on the outcome. This is going to be difficult with my herping schedule as well. I won't be getting out early enough to go out and see anything.

You know what they say though.. "There's a silver lining for every dark cloud".

I'd say it's time for us to see our silver lining.


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