Sunday, April 06, 2008

Could it have happened?

Ok, so I went out last night with my wife and a buddy fishing. We got home fairly late, around 2:00 AM and went to bed almost immediately. So about 4:45 I'm awakened by a VERY loud noise. It sounded just like something was thrown with extreme force against the wall of my house behind where I sleep. Fearing the worst, I waited and listened for other noises. I did hear very faint noises almost like the loud one hitting my house, but I couldn't pinpoint where they were. So I went out in the living room and looked out the window. Seeing nothing, I checked the snake room and the kitchen. Finding nothing, I finally went to sleep.

So now I've told my wife about it and we've searched the side of the house to no avail. We did find a large rock on the side of our house that wasn't there previously, but were unable to find any evidence that it had hit the wall. Had it been thrown over onto the ground, I don't believe I would have heard it as well as I did this morning. I honestly don't know what else to think. I did have a dream that involved some steel pipes at the top of a hill that had somehow came loose and one of them rolled into the side of my house. I am thinking maybe my mind said "this happened in your dream and you need to wake up as it was a loud noise and you need to believe it's real" OR did I hear a noise and my mind associated that noise (and other noises) into a dream?

You decide...


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