Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why **NOT** to go to the E.R. when you have a splitting migraine

Ok, so my wife has had a SEVERE headache for two days and there's nothing I can do to resolve it. She's taking every medication known to man and still has issues. She has taken migquin, tylenol w/ codeine, and ibuprofen (800 mgs) all to no avail. By now I'm thinking she needs professional help, so I leave work early and take her to the emergency room at a nearby hospital.

So we get there and register. I was impressed, as she was immediately seen by the triage nurse. She told the nurse her pain was an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I *thought* this would get us in quicker, however we still had to wait in the waiting room for a time. She became nauseous due to several people eating 'hot wings' all over the waiting room. She also couldn't think straight as there were several kids who were being less than quiet.

She had to use the restroom and of course that's when she was called back, so I had to wait for her and get us into the other room so she could be seen. This is where the fun began:

So she sees this nurse who asks several questions about her current condition and if it's happened before, etc.. etc.. Sound ok so far, but then she says we need to go into another waiting room to avoid being missed if a nurse came looking for us. THIS is where I got upset. So they put us in a room with about 20 people in it, most being quiet so I have no issues UNTIL this stupid bitch and yes I said ***bitch*** who CLEARLY sees my wife is doubled in pain on the floor holding her head TURNS UP her cell phone just to be an annoying woman. I complained at least twice, possibly more. I wanted to take that woman's cell phone and throw.... strike that: I wanted to take that WOMAN and throw her out the damn window, because I was less than happy at this point, and the nurses saying she had no choice but to stay in the room where this was happening was more than the last straw.

So now we've been at the E.R. for about 3hrs and a nurse finally comes in to see us. Rox is called back into another room and fitted with an I.V. and given benadryl and compazine in this I.V. (on top of the saline they were pumping into her afterward). She almost seems to be getting better at this point, but then she starts shaking and effectively convulsing as apparently she started feeling like she was on fire. She couldn't sit still to save her life! I IMMEDIATELY went to a nurse to complain to which I was told "she needs to calm down and ride it out". I explained I'm not going to sit there and watch my wife in pain, to which I was told the same thing. I went back and sat with her only to be annoyed by some SCREAMING babies RIGHT FRIGGIN' NEXT TO HER!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?! Ok, NOW I'm getting pissed. I GO BACK and tell them my wife NEEDS quiet and to get her the HELL out of there!!! What do they do?! They come in and tell the parents of the babies to go wait in another room as people in this room need peace and quiet. That would have been all good if the bitch was kicked out too, but they were monitoring her in the room and because of this, LOUD cell phone noises were constant

Ok, now we're 4hrs into this visit and Rox FINALLY gets a hospital room and a 'fairly' quiet room to rest in. The nurses come in and explain a doctor will come in soon and they administer two other drugs that I can't remember. This helps Rox feel somewhat better. The doctor comes in and verifies she is feeling a little better and almost 6hrs after we got to the E.R. she's free to leave.

I have just spoken to her and it's now the next day. The headache is not as severe, but sadly it's still there. :-(

She needs to see a Pain Manager. She is going to contact her doctor on Friday to get a referral.

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