Friday, January 25, 2008


HEY ITS "THE WIFE"........
He asked me to get on his computer and blog his driving home adventures, on his blogger. He will come home before I even finish and write the rest himself. Anyways, it was 5:20pm on Friday Jan 25. He just left a meeting and is on his way home. I had just gotten into the tub when he called. We talked for roughly 14 minutes with him yelling over the phone the whole way. It seems that today everyone is running stop signs and trying to hit him, oh and everyone is trying to make a left when he wants to. Before I went under water just to wet my hair he had barked about all the traffic, construction, and how there are like 30 cars at every light. He said it would take him an hour to get home. I tell him to hold on while I washed my hair. All I did was the shampoo and I could hear him, while I was under the water, yelling. I came up and asked him what was wrong. I guess this guy had driven up the middle lane to avoid all the traffic and then darted back into traffic. He said he was not going to let that guy in no matter what.... Guess he didn't have to someone else did. Another guy was going the opposite way on a bypass and while talking on his cell phone crossed the double line. When he got up to him the guy flipped him off. Guess my husband was in the wrong for obeying traffic laws. The whole phone call was him just sitting there yelling about all the traffic and how there were no turn offs. Oh also that he was also running low on gas. After 30 minutes we found out that his blood sugar was dropping too. All I kept hearing over the phone while I washed up was his saying "Fucking People (growl)". And he says that I am impatient. HA yeah right. It is now 620pm and he just came home. I guess he was right it did take him an hour, but it probably wouldn't have if he would not have turned off into a residential area, that lead him back to where he started from.

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Beth said...

Yea, I can relate. I really can't stand the drivers in and around Pheonix. They're either on their cell phone talks or texting, not watching the road and/or just plain suck at driving a car. No wonder Phoenix auto insurance rates are so friggin' high!

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