Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DAMNIT you WILL listen to me and take care of your teeth!!!!!

I have been to the dentist either 3 or 4 times in the past 2wks. I initially went because of a severe pain in my lower right quadrant. This in turn turned into a filling. I then had a root canal and another filling in two other teeth and I'm *just* getting started. Dentistry work is NOT cheap and I am paying through the nose, even with insurance.

I strongly recommend taking care of your teeth, because I did not when I was younger even though I was told NUMEROUS times to brush and floss, etc.. etc. My teeth are still pretty strong for 34yrs old, but at what price? I'm currently sitting here with the whole left side of my face numb and have a temporary crown on the tooth they did the root canal on yesterday. The crown is very uncomfortable and will be for the next two weeks while they work on the permanent one. Novacaine btw is your best friend at the dentist *but* it is also very painful until the numbness begins, though instantaneous. If you can avoid it, believe me. DO!

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