Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not Finished?

Let's face it. I've always had an issue with finishing long writings (see below). Be it classes or work or whatever, I just don't have the time to finish something so long or even think. Besides, if you know my wife's blog, then you can read about it there. That being said, here is my current status:

I am feeling much better since getting out of the hospital. I am back to work and everything for the most part is normal. That being said, the wife and I will most definitely be in debt for the rest of our lives due to the bill.

The hospital bill was almost $26,000 but my insurance told them "Hell no!" They offered $9800 that they could either take or leave. Well I owe %10 of that. That DOESN'T include the x-ray I just took last week as well as other "Dr" visits in the hospital. That was JUST the hospital stay. Scary.

So what else is happening. Lesse. Oh yeah, I have a plugin for Firefox that shows what songs I'm listening to at the time, so I'm going to post that from now on.

Oh yeah, I am on Day 13 of no smoking. Go me!

As always:

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