Saturday, September 22, 2007


Now it's even better. Ok, so I get off work last night at 7:00 PM. I've had this friggin' cough as all of you are aware for a couple of days now. So I'm itchy when I get home and I ask the wife to see if I got bit by something. Instead she goes, "You have a rash". I'm thinking damnit. Then I ask her if what I had under my arm was the same. She said that and told me "you're going to the emergency room".

Fast forward to now. It's currently 7:09 AM, 12hrs after I left from work and the ER has actually admitted me into an actual room. I guess I have some rare form of pneimonia. Usually it's in the lungs. Mine is outside of the lungs and in several spl9otchy areas. They're keeping me here to get more agressive on it. so I'm typing this from my hospital room which is pretty damn cool. Anyhow, no news on the rash yet. Film at 11.

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