Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ok, it's a slow road to recovery, but nobody said it would be easy.
Apologies for not updating in a few moons. First off, I'm out of the
hospital. I have been out since Wednesday, Sep 26th, 2007. I spent
(5) long grueling days in there. Now for the good news or bad news
however it may be:

I had a type of "Eosonophilic Pneumonia" due to an allergic reaction.
This reaction was SO bad, that it sealed up my air tubes in my lungs
and caused hives on both the outside as well as the inside of my body
(including my lungs). Had I not shown up to the ER on Friday night, I
most definitely would NOT be typing this right now.

I have been very tired since I got out and have had shallow-breathing.
My grandmother feels this is due to the prednisone I'm on (steroids) to
fight the infection. Being diabetic doesn't help as my blood sugars
have been through the roof because of this prednisone. Apparently,
they had to get VERY aggressive. This medication affects normal
people's blood sugar levels, so that should give you an indication of
how bad it is.

So I'm on 750mg of LEAVIQUIN, and 30mg of PREDNISONE.

That's it for now. Just know I'm at home and recuperating. I will be back to work on Monday, October 1st, 2007.


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