Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crazy Grackle Drivers

So the other night the wife and I were going down a street in my truck. We stopped at a red light at a freeway intersection and noticed this idiot in a white truck didn't, but proceeded into the middle of the intersection, almost hitting several cars. The truck proceeded through the light when it changed, but I wanted no part of his grackleness, so I sped up in front of him and proceeded into a left-hand turning lane up ahead to get away from him.

Wouldn't you know it this moron proceeded THROUGH the light and into the middle of ANOTHER intersection narrowly avoiding hitting at least 5 or 6 vehicles! He then turned LEFT from a RIGHT hand turning lane. I called 911, but of course, these idiots always get away with whatever they want.

I'm actually upset now just reading what I wrote. Friggin' dumbasses. :P

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