Thursday, February 08, 2007

Family Accident - Happy Turnout

February 6th, 2007 - 12:47 AM (MST)

We receive a call from the wife's mom in Kansas, waking us up.
Naturally we assumed something was dreadfully wrong as it was 3:00 AM
in her neck of the woods. My wife answered the phone and I hear
"What's wrong?" "Oh no" "Where are
they?". I'm half awake because for whatever reason I have a hard time
waking up, but anyway; She tells me my brother-in-law and two sons were
in a car accident. They were ok, however she was leaving to go pick
them up roughly 60 miles away. I asked her what vehicle she was taking
and she said 'the truck' so I told her I was going as I was concerned
about our tires, but the issue was it was now 1:00 AM (MST) and I had
to be at work at 10:00 AM (MST) as she was off that day.

I called into work to let them know the situation and her and I went up
there, me driving. We found the accident had occurred about 130 miles
from our house and not 60, so it's a good thing I went anyway, or I'd
be worried sick. Her friend who lives up there (Camp Verde, AZ) agreed
to go pick them up, though he was unable to find where they were at.
By the time we got up there (now 3:00 AMish) We find that he had picked
them up about 10mins ago. WOW! We could have picked them up in almost
the same amount of time! LOL.

We brought them back to Phoenix after hanging out at his house for a
lil' while. It turns out the younger son may have had a concussion, so
we took him to the ER. I got home about 5:30 - 5:45ish (MST) and
notified work I'd be there at noon, instead of 10. They still needed
someone to go back up there that day and asked me to, but I explained I
had to work. She tried to volunteer, but I wanted the tires checked
out on the truck first. They found someone to go up yesterday
(20070207) but that fell through.

Fast forward to today: The sons' mom agreed to take them up there to
get the trailer (U-Haul) today and they left. U-Haul wouldn't release
it from the impound lot though and they had to fight with that. Their
mom then left WITHOUT them, so they wanted my wife to go pick them up
today. This upset me because she was going to do it and it was a
concern because A) I'd want to go (though she gets off at 7:00 PM
I get off at 8:00 PM) and B) I was still concerned about the tires on
the truck. She said she'd take her car and I was arguing with her
while at work (with 5 people standing around my desk staring at me

Anyhow, it all worked out and I will hear from them later.


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