Friday, January 19, 2007

TJ - 20070119

So TJ was laid to rest today. The service was very nice. He was genuinely loved by everyone around him and you could tell he has touched the lives of many. The amount in attendance was MASSIVE and I'm sure the family knows how much he'll be missed. I've only known him since the middle of September '06, but even I could see the kind of person he was. I wanted to talk as well, but after about an hour the clergy said we had to move it along. After the service we went to basically a get-together to drink and remember him. He had always told his family if he died he wanted everyone to party and not mourn him. That of course wasn't as easy as it sounds, but it was easier than just going home to think about it further. The family even asked us to dress in jeans and a t-shirt because that's what he'd want. Even in the after-life, he vowed to keep people comfortable.

TJ was a kind, giving, and very generous soul and he will truly be missed. You always hear how people say "he/she was a good person, blah blah blah", but with TJ this really was true, and I'm fortunate to have known him. Even one of my closest friends Jimmy has told me that he liked him and saw the type of person he was, and he only saw him a handful of times.

Here is one of the many stories I can tell you about TJ, showing the true generous nature he's always been known for, just by the amount of people that spoke at the service today about his life:

So one day he's at my house hanging out because he knew my wife was going to be at work for a few more hours and he just basically came by to see me. He was checking out my Playstation 2 games and saw 'Kingdom Hearts' and asked me what I thought of it. I told him I'd only played it a couple of times and was really unsure as to what to think. He told me it was good, but he had thought the second one was even better. I told him I'll try to beat this one and then see about checking out the second one. Two days later he was picking me up to go to the bar for karaoke and said "here". I asked him why he brought the second one, and he told me he wanted me to play it and to call him with any questions. Told me to give it back when I had finished it. I told him thanks and it has sat in my games for at least the last month since he gave it to me to play. I had my wife give it to Kiela and she was going to give it back to the family. The most upsetting thing to me, is that I'll never be able to return it to him personally..

The family and all attending didn't know me very well if at all, so they didn't know him and I were becoming close friends. They knew my wife and mentioned how he constantly talked about 'mom', but a lot of that has to do w/ her being the family photographer. I know there was no reason for them to really know me as I wasn't as close-by as she was, (she works right by their house) but I would hope they at least read this to know that I truly do miss him.


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