Saturday, January 13, 2007

A friend gone..

You never know....

January 13, 2007 11:55 AM (MST):

When I woke up this morning, I had noticed that my wife had called the house and my cell phone numerous times. She had also sent me a text message that said "call me immediately". She never does that, so I was unsure as to what to think. I called her cell phone.. and she answered instantly. I could hear in her voice something was wrong. I sat down and she said in a choked voice " TJs' mother called me this morning... (her voice squeeks) TJ was killed this morning on the freeway around 4:30am. His car rolled. They are unsure if he fell asleep or if he lost control....." I could hear the tears as she spoke. She sobs as I think it can't be true, especially since he just text'd me last night about the car show this weekend w/ Ben Jones (Cooter) and the General Lee..

I have known TJ since September 2006 as part of our "Towns Of Terror" crew. He was one of the psykward guys like me. My wife was mom to all 7 of us. Even after the haunt was over he still called her mom. It was their little joke. Every weekend he would go out and do stuff with us. He would pick me up and take me places. Bowling, Karaoke, dinner.... in fact we were supposed to do karaoke bowling tonight, a huge get together type thing, and Sunday we were to see Ben Jones and the General Lee. I was even going to meet his new girlfriend Cindy. I can still hear his voice in my head. Singing off key and hitting on every single female he saw... That was TJ...

I am trying to stay strong but my wife won't stop crying, which it makes it really hard to keep it cool. She was sent home from work at 12:15 to release the grief, though she has to return back around 3.. I am just relieved that I didn't have to go to work. I am not sure how it would have affected me. A few T.O.T friends have called so we all could discuss it. My wife thinks we should keep our plans for tonight and make it a tribute for him, drink Dr Pepper and sing country songs. Personally I don't think we should do anything. Keila someone who is closer to him than we are wants to go out to dinner so we can absorb the situation. I don't know what to do... I just know that this came as a sudden shock. He was only 21. That is 12 years younger than me and 9 under my wife. My wife fears she is the last person to have seen him when it comes to family. He had come to see her at work around 6 or 7pm last night introducing his girlfriend to her. She was so busy that she had no time for her usual goofing around that she does with him.

My wife asked that I put something in from her that will eventually be on her blog:

"You never know when, where, what, or why something happens. But when it does it is always a shock. Make the best of every moment say hello and good-bye to everyone. To your loved ones.... always tell them you love them even if you are fighting (whisper it) But just say it because it could be the last time you ever will. Never go to sleep, hang up or leave the room unless you acknowledge every person who you know personally. You never know what the next day may bring."

You will be missed..

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