Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maybe we should wait for this one afterall.. :(

Quoted from DVDActive:

Title: Super Blunder

Starring: Christopher Reeve

Released: 28th November 2006

SRP: $99.92

Further Details:

Those of you who have pre-ordered copies of Warner Home Video's forthcoming Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition might want to think twice. Due to a massive technical blunder, the Superman III: Deluxe Edition
discs contain the original 2001 release of the film, rather than the
advertised disc with commentary, additional scenes and a vintage

Reports indicate that The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection and the individual release of Superman III: Deluxe Edition
are unaffected. At this time there has been no word on whether or not
Warner intend to issue replacement discs. Even if replacement discs are
made available, non-US residents who purchased the set will most likely
be left out in the cold. When you combine this with the fact that the
advertised original 1978 Dolby Stereo soundtrack for Superman: The Movie is also missing, what could have been the year's best release becomes a less than attractive proposition...

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