Monday, November 13, 2006

Down & Out

I will be without my own computer for a while. It appears my motherboard/cpu are fried on mine. Here is a brief synopsis:

On Thursday (20061109) I turned on my machine and walked away as I always do as I didn't want to watch it boot up. When I came back to it, it was shut off. I of course yelled to my wife "honeeeeeeey! Did you turn off the computer?" "Nooooooo". Hmmmmmm.. well, in that case I turned it on and it played a musical tune. "What the hell was that?" was all my wife could say. During post, the following is what was showing:

'Your CPU has been shutdown due to a thermal event (overheating).
Please service unit immediately'

Ok.. well there's no issue there, because I bought the machine from Best Buy and they'll fix it as I have a 3yr extended service plan:

"Hello I'd like to bring my machine in as it's overheating" "We're sorry sir, your extended service plan expired on 20061003".

For those of you that can't read that, it expired on October 3rd, 2006. Just friggin' perfect. So I call the main customer service number:

"We're sorry sir. If you had contacted us w/in 12days of your warranty, then we could have added another service plan." "There's NOTHING you can do for me?". "That is correct."

Ok, by now I'm not happy, buk whatever. I'll take care of the damn thing myself. So I check Best Buy for a fan-heatsink combo. Nothing. I drive all the way out to CompUSA and buy one for a Socket478 and bring it home.

It's not like I've never worked on a machine before, but for whatever reason, I appear to have fried the board/cpu as I was adding the fan-heatsink combination. I tried to power the unit up afterward and nothing. I unplugged cables and tried several combinations. Nothing. I broke down and bought a new power supply just in case and it powered up. Yay! It works! Ummmmmmm, well that was it, because the damn thing doesn't power up anymore. :P

I've been looking around and can't afford a new mboard/cpu combo and they don't make my chipset anymore, so I'll be waiting a lil' while I guess. My wife has offered to give me her computer because she obviously doesn't understand what mine meant to me. I am not going to take my wife's computer. I will use it occasionally, but I don't plan on using it often.

Until I can afford the $400.00 to fix my machine I will not be around as often as I used to. Sure I'll be online, but MySpace for example, is blocked at work. If anybody on MySpace needs to get ahold of me, they'll need to email me directly:

Again I'm not gone for good, but I will not be around as often as I used to.


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