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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Two Hours for a Price Match?! Apparently This is Best Buy's Practice These Days

Yes this really happened. No I'm not thrilled with the "customer service" in this transcript. Everything in the transcript is left as-is besides obvious information that could harm myself or my family in the future.

Best Buy Price Match Transcript
October 17th, 2017
Gage (07:57:18 PM) : Thank you for choosing Best Buy, my name is Gage. How may I assist you today?

David (07:57:38 PM) : I'm looking at price matching a product I'm interested in purchasing.

Gage (07:57:59 PM) : I'll be happy to check if the item is eligible for price matching. If it is, I can definitely help you complete your online purchase and get the lower price. To get started, may I please have the SKU or model number of the product? They can be found under the product description.

David (07:59:13 PM) : SKU: 5421281

Gage (08:00:17 PM) : Thank you for providing the SKU number. Let me check if the product which you want to purchase is eligible for a price match.
Gage (08:00:58 PM) : Thank you for staying online.
                    Gage (08:01:26 PM) : Could you also help me with the competitor's website link?

David (08:01:49 PM) : one sec

Gage (08:01:58 PM) : Sure!

Gage (08:02:49 PM) : Thank you so much for providing the link.
Gage (08:03:07 PM) : Please allow me a minute while I check this for you.
Gage (08:06:45 PM) : I'm validating these details please allow me a few more minutes.
                    Gage (08:08:47 PM) : Thank you for staying online.
                    Gage (08:09:01 PM) : Good news!
                   Gage (08:09:21 PM) : We can go ahead and price match with the above product from Amazon.
                   Gage (08:09:46 PM) : Would you like me to place an order?

David (08:10:00 PM) : Yes please.
David (08:10:14 PM) : I have a gift card and a $10 certificate I need to use as well.

Gage (08:11:24 PM) : Sure, can you please verify the email address and the phone number on your BestBuy Account?

David (08:11:37 PM) :
David (08:11:42 PM) : 602-555-4321

Gage (08:12:01 PM) : Thank you very much for providing the details.
Gage (08:12:19 PM) : Let me pull up your account details.
Gage (08:12:56 PM) : May I have your First and Last name?

David (08:13:05 PM) : (My Name)

Gage (08:13:33 PM) : Could you also verify your shipping address?

David (08:13:55 PM) : I would like it shipped to a store actually.

Gage (08:14:26 PM) : That's a great choice David!
Gage (08:14:40 PM) : I would be glad to do that for you.
Gage (08:15:15 PM) : Can I get the name of the store along with the Zip code?

David (08:15:36 PM) : one sec

Gage (08:15:51 PM) : Sure!

David (08:16:27 PM) : Best Buy - (store shipping to)

Gage (08:16:59 PM) : Thank you!
Gage (08:17:29 PM) : Pardon my ignorance.

David (08:18:04 PM) : Store #XXXX - just found it.

Gage (08:18:29 PM) : I was able to pull up four accounts with the phone number. Can you please confirm the complete name on the account so that I can select the right one?

David (08:19:09 PM) : (My Name). Wife and myself have this account. What are the four?

Gage (08:20:07 PM) : Thank you for verifying your account David!
Gage (08:21:07 PM) : There are two accounts under the name of (My Name) and the one is on (Wife's Name).

David (08:22:04 PM) : Two accounts. Interesting. What are the differences?

Gage (08:22:30 PM) : I see there are different phone numbers used on the different accounts.

David (08:22:56 PM) : 4321 is the main account. Use that. I'm assuming one is 5555 and the other is 4321.

Gage (08:23:26 PM) : You're right!
Gage (08:23:36 PM) : We're using the right account.

David (08:23:55 PM) : Good deal. Wife figured that one out. ;-)
David (08:24:05 PM) : Sometimes she'll change the account to surprise me with something.

Gage (08:24:30 PM) : :)
Gage (08:25:06 PM) : Would you like me to enter the email address which you provided me earlier?

David (08:25:20 PM) : yes -

Gage (08:25:49 PM) : Thank you.
Gage (08:27:28 PM) : Would you like me to use this phone number to get the notifications 602-555-4321?

David (08:27:47 PM) : Yes please

Even though he claims he is using that number (my cell number for those that know it) he still ends up using our home phone number which we confirmed later.  *smh*

Gage (08:28:04 PM) : Thank you for the confirmation.
Gage (08:29:34 PM) : Could you please help me with the Gift card number and the pin?

David (08:30:25 PM) : XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0745 - XX17
David (08:31:05 PM) : I also have a $10 on the account that expires in 4 days. I would like to use that as well.

Gage (08:32:21 PM) : Alright! The order is paid completely by gift cards but still requires a billing address

David (08:33:04 PM) : (billing address)

Gage (08:33:43 PM) : I'm really sorry but I see there are no certificates on your account to display.

Ummmmmmm... what?!

David (08:34:08 PM) : one second

Gage (08:34:16 PM) : Sure!
Gage (08:37:19 PM) : We have not heard from you for some time. Do you wish to continue to chat?

You haven't heard from me in four mins. Chill out dude. I waited for you, so show the same courtesy.

David (08:37:30 PM) : yes

Gage (08:37:56 PM) : Thank you for the acknowledgement!

David (08:38:55 PM) : I am looking at the certificate on the mobile app. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX5 9028
David (08:39:03 PM) : says it expires on 10/21/17

Gage (08:39:30 PM) : Alright! Let me check and see if this works.
Gage (08:42:22 PM) : I'm really sorry to inform you that I see there are no reward certificate on your account to display.
                   Gage (08:42:48 PM) : Would you like to proceed to pay for this order with your Gift Card?

David (08:44:09 PM) : Sure. I'm looking at it right now. Says "Show at register". Maybe I gave you the wrong code. Try this: 0101 XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
David (08:44:17 PM) : If that doesn't work, then yes we'll use the Gift Card.

Gage (08:44:36 PM) : I hope this works too!
Gage (08:44:47 PM) : Let's me check again.
Gage (08:46:36 PM) : I apologize, I see this code also does not work.

This is complete and utter BS. I literally called Best Buy after this interaction and asked them to use the $10 certificate he couldn't find. They had NO issues and credited my account not 5mins after I got on the phone.

Info (08:56:01 PM) : This is a Queue transfer. This interaction was transferred by Maven, queue: Cart and Checkout

David (08:47:00 PM) : Okay that's fine. We've been in this chat for 45mins and I have other stuff to attend to. Please use the gift card I provided.

Gage (08:48:08 PM) : Sure, Let me get this as soon as possible.
Gage (08:53:10 PM) : I'm applying the credit for the price match on your order please allow me a few minutes.

David (08:53:19 PM) : ok

Info (08:54:44 PM) : Gage has transferred this interaction.
Info (08:54:45 PM) : This is a Queue transfer. This interaction was transferred by Gage, queue: Cart and Checkout
Info (08:56:01 PM) : Maven has transferred this interaction.

Please pay attention to the timestamps. I was transferred to another agent without any knowledge of it. This was also while we were in the middle of a transaction. I'm betting this was shift change.

Tristan (08:56:52 PM) : Hi there!

Huh?! Where did Gage go???

David (08:57:39 PM) : Hello!

Tristan (08:58:28 PM) : The chat has got transferred due to a technical issue, could you allow me a couple of minutes while I see through the chat.

Technical issue? Really?! This is what you're going with???

David (08:58:55 PM) : If by technical issue you mean shift change then sure. ;-)
David (09:00:54 PM) : Also, we've been on what should have been a 15min conversation for an hour now. Is there an issue I need to be aware of? I'm starting to lose patience.

Tristan (09:00:58 PM) : I will apply the refund for price match on your account.

David (09:01:12 PM) : Thank you

Tristan (09:01:52 PM) : I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused, David.
Tristan (09:02:33 PM) : Could you please allow me 2-3 minutes, while I process the price match for you.

Please note the timestamp here where he *begins* to process a price match to something that was already price matched previously by the other person. Please see above.

David (09:02:34 PM) : I've provided a gift card that I know has the balance. I've provided a $10 certificate that shows on my account, yet Gage told me it doesn't exist. I'm just really confused and frustrated at this point.
David (09:02:51 PM) : Gage told me he already did that, but please go ahead.

Great.. thank y.. wait; Did what? Go ahead with what?

Tristan (09:03:33 PM) : Sure, I'll help you with your query.
Tristan (09:04:51 PM) : Could you please allow me 2-3 minutes, while I process the price match for you.

Allow him 2-3 minutes after he initially tells me this 2 mins ago. See above.

David (09:05:08 PM) : yes
David (09:06:11 PM) : I would honestly appreciate being treated like a human at this point. Please stop sending me canned responses.

By this time I'm starving, the wife is upset at me and frankly, I'm TIRED of the canned responses constantly.

Tristan (09:06:51 PM) : I'm really sorry for that.
Tristan (09:08:06 PM) : As it is a transferred chat, it is taking a bit more time than expected. So, could you please stay online for a while, David?

So basically what you're saying is that you don't take any !@$%ing notes?! Seriously??? What happened to Gage? Do you not believe in notating what you've done with your customers?!

David (09:08:28 PM) : Yes. Thank you for actually speaking to me. :)

Tristan (09:13:14 PM) : I'm sorry, please give me 2 more minutes.

David (09:13:23 PM) : Fine.

Tristan (09:14:23 PM) : Thank you David and I'm really sorry for the delay.

The delay?! It has literally been 13mins since you were *applying the refund to my account*.

David (09:20:32 PM) : What is the issue?! Please advise or cancel my order. I don't understand why it should take OVER an hour to do this. Literally almost 1.5hrs and go through two agents. I really hope this is recorded. This is completely ridiculous and no I'm not happy.

Tristan (09:22:49 PM) : I'm really very sorry for the inconvenience, David. I'm calculating the refund amount. Could you please allow me some time.
Tristan (09:23:04 PM) : I'm almost done with the refund.

David (09:23:25 PM) : It's almost $8. What is there to calculate?

Tristan (09:26:08 PM) : I completely understand.
Tristan (09:26:22 PM) : We will need to calculate the tax as well.
Tristan (09:26:51 PM) : And it took a very long time to pull up your order details as my system  was slow. I hope                      you understand.

I'm so tired of the "my system is/was slow" BS answer. Own up to your incompetence.

Tristan (09:27:05 PM) : The great news is I have applied the credit on your account which is $8.11

Great News! It only took you 25mins to do it... Ummmm AGAIN! :P

Tristan (09:27:20 PM) : I once again apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Tristan (09:28:17 PM) : You will receive an email confirmation.

David (09:28:58 PM) : So you used my gift card for the entire balance then?

Tristan (09:30:00 PM) : The $8.11 will be credited back to your Gift card, your gift card still has some balance.

David (09:31:00 PM) : $43.51 was the total. $8.11 being added back would mean I paid $35.40. What is the balance left currently?

Tristan (09:31:00 PM) : The price of the product will only be deducted from the gift card.

David (09:31:18 PM) : Where is this being delivered?

Tristan (09:31:42 PM) : I see that you asked for the store pick up.
Tristan (09:31:51 PM) : It will be shipped to your mentioned store.

David (09:31:54 PM) : Correct. Making sure that happened.
David (09:31:56 PM) : Okay, good.

Tristan (09:32:02 PM) : Great, thank you.
Tristan (09:32:08 PM) : I really appreciate your patience.

Not my patience. You're lucky my wife didn't somehow find a way to strangle you over the phone as dinner has been ready for at least a half hour now. If she could have, believe me she would have.

David (09:32:13 PM) : What is the balance left on my card?

Tristan (09:32:57 PM) : Let me help you with that.

David (09:33:45 PM) : Great! Looking forward to your response Tristan!

Tried my own canned response there. Apparently it's a thing in this conversation. 

Tristan (09:34:20 PM) : Thank you.
Tristan (09:35:07 PM) : The total balance will be $11.63
Tristan (09:35:27 PM) : It is including $8.11 refund and this refund will be credited within 3-5 business days.
                    Tristan (09:36:15 PM) : If your gift card had $43.51 before placing an order.

David (09:36:36 PM) : I'm confused. That card had almost $130 on it prior to this sale. How many of these were purchased??? No.. My gift card had much more than that before placing the order.

Tristan (09:37:26 PM) : The above calculation was based on the $43.51.
Tristan (09:37:36 PM) : If you had more, please ignore the above calculation.

Seriously?! How about you just tell your customers you don't have that kind of access and you're pulling crap out of your butt like a damned angry monkey!

Tristan (09:37:55 PM) : The gift card will be deducted by $39.99.
Tristan (09:38:41 PM) : And you will get $8.11 credited back within 3-5 business days.

David (09:38:59 PM) : Has the purchase been made fully yet?

Tristan (09:39:31 PM) : Yes, it has been.

David (09:40:40 PM) : Thank you.

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